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    'Turn to me and be saved, all the ends of the earth'  Isaiah 45:22
    You are welcome to join us when you can.
    Our church family is a group of Christians who confess that Jesus is Lord,  We are on a journey of faith, learning to grow in fellowship and at the same time have a positive impact on our local community.  Amongst our congregation, a wide spectrum of theological views is represented within the range of Trinitarian belief. We aim to preach the Good News of the crucified and risen Christ and to move forward prayerfully together..
    Our fellowship is open to all.  We have a current Child Friendly award.  We cater for families with children, people of all ages, whether in groups or on their own.  
    For the next few weeks, our Sunday afternoon services will be focusing on the subject of the Reformation, since 1517 is the 500th anniversary year.
    Find us on Facebook--Wimbledon Congregational Church.
    Our church building is a busy place, as we have a number of activities, some organised by the church (see our calendar) and others by groups which hire the premises at different times.  An after-school club use our premises between certain hours of the day.  
    If you want to talk to someone, about anything, you don't have to  feel on your own: give us a ring and we can arrange a time .
    If you want us to pray with you or for something or someone, do let us know, send an email to office@wimbledoncongregational.org.uk,drop a note into our box or through the door.
    We pray that God blesses you in 2017.


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